lora (hey_streethawk) wrote in johnawesome,

the first step toward getting help is admitting you have a problem.

i'm somewhat sure i'll go down in a ball of flames for this one, kids, but john sherwood deserves it.

[even if he does think i'm stalking him and is probably looking into a restraining order.]

john, if you're out there, can you rap for me?
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Ok ok ok I may be drunk in England but I have a confession to make. jOHN Sherwood is one of my heroes. Mealtimes at King's were rendered complete by his fucking arguments about the meaning of life. This man is brilliant. He is a legend. And my feet touched the very skateboard he once rode. That's huge. When I found this site, I thought, man, I miss John Sherwood. Who fuckin thinks fuckin Heat is the best movie ever. Onl;y the greatest man alive, that man being, of course, John Sherwood. John must get drunk for all to see. King's Cup is the medium by which the world might experience the Messiah of post-modern darwinian cynic Comedy meaning that he thinks people should die after they reproduce and if they haven't reproduced by the age of 25, they should die anyway. I laughed out loud reading this site, which is against Sherwoodian doctrine. Lora rules
duncan, that was pretty classic.

i hope you decide to stick around.

how's england treating you, anyway?

[lora misses you.]
England is as awesome as John. There's lots to do and lots to laugh at. Which also relates to John's room, minus the lots to do part. How are things with you Lora?