Kate Shearererer (ourthirdtime) wrote in johnawesome,
Kate Shearererer


Every time I spent the overnight with Conor beyond John's second door, I would emerge from room B into room A to the same scenario: John sitting in his computer chair reading or Warcrafting (or San Andreas'ing towards the end of the year). Like a neighbour who greets everyone who passes his way, John (in all his predictability) would say the same thing to me every morning: "Wassup" (not in question form). Who says 'wassup' at 7:00 a.m.? In all the times I have been in and out of Conor's room, I have never happened upon a naked John, nor John in a towel, nor John in a precarious position (you know). Strange. I often wondered when he did his changing of clothing and other dirty businesses since his schedule was so inflexible and odd. Perhaps he's an early bird getting 'at the worm'? Or perhaps his minimalist lifestyle permits not such activities of indulgence? Oh my.
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