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John vs. Time

Most of you don't know, and sometimes I even forget, that John and I were in the same tutorial last year. John spoke not a word the entire year except when asked a question to which he responded 'yes', 'no', or 'shrug'. John ignored my very existence in the class and never sat remotely close to me, despite the fact that (I can make this assumption without fear of sounding arrogant) I was the only person he actually knew outside of class. Apparently John hated tutorials (though his expressionless face during class did not attest to any emotion), as he revealed to many of us during dinner time conversations.
There is one particular tutorial I recall involving John... We had just switched tutors and were getting acquainted with Jean Coleno for the first time. He wanted to get to know us a bit so he asked us each what our favorite text of the year was. Many students enjoyed The Odyssey, Nietzsche or The Bacchae, but oh no, not John. John loved Augustine's Confessions. How can you love Confessions? Anyway. When everyone had shared, a student asked J-Killah (Coleno) what his least favorite work was, to which he responded, "Sorry, John, but I hated Confessions".
I laugh.

... oh yes, and didn't John's final paper involve Augustine?
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